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    This is a great question! To conserve water, our first recommendation would be switching to water efficient appliances. New High Efficiency (HE) front-load washing machines reduce the largest amount of water. Various washing machine models created by Samsung and LG are both reputable and highly water efficient. You can also adjust your cleaning habits to substantially reduce your water usage. Including more laundry in your wash and running less cycles will increase your water efficiency. Other practices include changing the settings on your washing machine to reduce water usage by using size cycles, skipping extra rinses, and avoiding warm and hot water.

    For cleaning dishes, contemporary water efficient dishwashers are often more efficient than hand washing. Some water efficient dishwashers include the Thermador Topaz Series, averaging at 2.2 gallons per cycle, the Bosch 800 DLX Series, averaging at 2.9 gallons per cycle, and the Miele Futura Dimension Series, averaging at 1.72 gallons per cycle. There are other simple habits that can also conserve water. By soaking dishes, you can remove some of the food stains in advance of washing, saving time and extra water. You can also allocate water in a pan or use the sprayer on your sink to reduce the amount of water you are using. Additionally, clean off food scraps with utensils before putting the dishes in the sink to conserve more water!

    What other ways can you think of?

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