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    Max Lowe

    There are lots of ways to save water in your bathroom – the place where we ultimately use the most water in the home. For example, rather than take a daily bath, why not enjoy a refreshing shower instead and think of relaxing in the tub as an occasional treat. The average freestanding tub uses between 35-50 gallons of water, whereas a 10 minute shower (with a low-flow shower head) uses only 25 gallons.

    Check out this article for more info on great ways to save water and conserve energy:

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    Anna Smith

    There is definitely something to be said about changing our mindset and behaviors, and what goes on in the bathroom is a good place to start. Thinking about a bath as a treat, rather than a daily activity, is a great way to begin that process of being more aware of our water use (while also giving us something to look forward to!).

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    Kris Tuftedal

    I think a really easy way to save water in the bathroom is by shutting off the water while brushing your teeth. Compared to showering instead of taking a bath, it wouldn’t save quite as much water. However, ensuring you shut the water off while brushing your teeth, the two combined could save much more water overall.

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    Flush toilets are a major source of water usage. I used to work with someone whose dad put a sign on the toilet tank…”When it’s yellow let it mellow, when it’s brown send it down”. However, odor is a problem but every man and boy who is old enough could urinate into a container such as an empty detergent container with the pour spout cut away. I recommend the 2.9 ltr size or larger. The container(s) can be emptied “when it’s brown”.😐

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    Jane N Flinter

    Now that we are all washing our hands much more frequently, we can save water by getting our hands wet, then turning off the faucet while we soap up for 20 seconds. Then turn on the faucet again for a quick rinse. The same can be done in the shower.

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    Chris Romeo

    Definitely!! This is something I never really thought about until the pandemic hit, and I saw a post from the CDC reminding people to turn off their faucets. I’ve been turning off the water for 50% – 75% of my shower time, since I only really need to use it to soap up at the start and rinse off at the end. I can deal with being a little chilly in between!!

    Plus, now that all my siblings are home, and my family has 8 adults in the house who all use water every day, I’ve definitely had to implement some water conservation practices while taking a shower, for multiple reasons. Not only does it help save a lot of water in general, but it also means that everyone else who takes a shower after I do can have a little more hot water in the AM. Additionally, conserving water takes a huge strain off our cesspool, and prevents it from filling up as fast as it normally would, which saves a lot of money and maintenance in the long run, since it won’t need to be pumped out as frequently as usual.

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