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    Richard Troutt

    It’s no secret that parts of the US are drying up. The reservoirs are immediate proof with no relief in sight. It’s ben tried controlling the whole Mississippi several times with little or no success. My plan would leave the Mississippi river alone. We don’t need to control all of the Mississippi river water, only that water that is going to cause damage. To do that flood gates need to be installed at the mouths of rivers feeding the Mississippi. The gates would allow excess water to be diverted to constructed channels or pipelines which would require pumping stations to move the water to reservoirs running out of water. Along with these channels and pipelines, filtering and purification stations can be installed to provide clean drinking water for sale.
    The US has an abundance of water that we don’t have to drill into the ground to get. Mother Nature sends us water in the form of rain, often more than is needed. After the reservoirs are full, we can sell our excess water to the rest of the world, knowing we’re not hurting ourselves or the earth. With all the talk about infrastructure, The minds in Washington are focused on what they can see every day, not something that comes like a misbehaving house guest that spends a couple of days destroying everything and then leaves. I cannot express strongly enough the need to address flooding and drought conditions in this country. We can no longer expect our water to last forever in some areas. Mother nature is not going to cooperate and put the rain where we want it. It’s time we took control. Let me repeat. We don’t need to control all the water, just the excess. We dare not sit by and do nothing.

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    oliver branson

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